Angelica Walker is a Sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh studying Social Work, Legal Studies, Political Science, and Writing. She works as a Research Assistant in Dr. Ming-Te Wang's Lab for Developmental and Motivational Research studying adolescent development in public high school students, particularly with regards to race and gender. She is passionate about social justice and would like to use her education to promote equality as a public interest lawyer. 


As Vice President and Co-Founder of the Pitt Pennysavers, she spends a lot of her time mentoring students about how to make it through college on a tight budget and fighting against the obstacles preventing underprivileged teenagers from pursuing college. She also volunteers as a Greeter at Just Harvest to help low-income clients get their taxes prepared without a fee and as a Patient Escort at Planned Parenthood. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, exploring Pittsburgh's vibrant arts scene, and learning how to cook yummy new recipes.